Top Certifications to Boost Your Tech Career

Choose a Tech Certification That Can Enhance Your Opportunities

There are certifications that you need just to enter the tech workforce in a desirable position. But, once you are in, how do you move up and progress your tech career? One of the best ways to boost your tech career is with continued education and certifications that demonstrate your skills. While there are a myriad of certifications from which to choose, there are certain ones that will either enhance your job prospects, enhance your potential salary, or both!

Launch Your Tech Career With These Top Certifications

CCA (Cisco Certified Architect) Certification

If you want to be a software architect, being a CCA is pretty much the highest accolade you can achieve. There are many different levels within the Cisco certification options but as a CCA you will have great job security and, according to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Cisco Certified Architect is $140,000 and that does not account for bonuses and other incentives.

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification

If you are interested in being a network administrator or engineer, getting CCNA certified will round out your network engineering skills and make you a desirable candidate for jobs. According to PayScale, the average Cisco Certified Network Associate makes $75,000 per year

MCSD App Builder (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer App Builder) Certification

According to Microsoft, the MCSD App Builder Certification gives you an advantage because, “this certification validates that you have the skills needed to build modern mobile and/or web applications and services.” This certification sets you apart from your peers that do not have this distinction and you will deepen your knowledge and hone your skills in programming and application development. PayScale notes that the average MCSD App Builder certified individual makes $100,000 per year.

PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification

If you are an IT or Tech professional that wants to work in management, a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is never a bad idea. It demonstrates to others that not only have you honed your craft and know your trade but that you are also well-prepared for leadership and management of a team that can successfully complete projects effectively and efficiently.

CLA (C Program Language Certified Associate) Certification

This professional certificate demonstrates your accomplishments in coding and the depth of knowledge you have in the C programming language. C programming language has been around for a long time but it is certainly not going anywhere. Glassdoor notes that the average C++ Developer salary is $95,052.

CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Certification

If modern security best practices and optimal strategies are your thing (and they should probably be everyone’s ‘thing’), you may consider a CISSP certification. This certification is off by the ISC (an international leading cybersecurity and IT security professional organization) and accredited under ANSI (The American National Standards Institute). CISSP certification is formally approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and is a globally-recognized certification. According to PayScale, the average salary of a CISSP Certified individual is $108,000.

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