Webinar: Microservices Are Here. Are You Ready…?

Webinar: Microservices are here. Are you ready?

Microservices are coming, and the reasons are becoming increasingly clear: Companies are eager to decouple their monolithic applications in the name of improved flexibility, increased scalability and quicker deployments.

However, like many new disruptive technologies, there are reasons to be skeptical.  Are microservices right for your company?  How do you know you’re ready and what does ready look like?  Why do so many companies fail?  What are best practices and how can you hit a home run with microservices?  These questions and more will be answered in this special webinar originally hosted live on April 2nd, 2019.

This exclusive event, brought to you by Nearshore Americas, features Michael Hahn, Chief Operating Officer of Tiempo Development, a recognized leader in nearshore software development and Sean Sullivan, CTO of CBT Nuggets, a leading online learning company that recently underwent a major microservice migration.    

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