Fostering High-Tech Culture for Successful Business

How do you develop innovative technologies faster? Make your high-tech company culture all about your people. At Tiempo Development, we keep up with the momentum of our rapidly growing customer base and advancing technology by investing in our most important asset, our people, and in supporting their communities.

Just this summer, we opened our forth nearshore location (our second location in Guadalajara)watch the video. All of our employees in each office live by the same principles that set a foundation for our culture as a company. Every day every one of us is committed to exercising mastery, autonomy, and purpose to create and sustain a culture centered on the success of our employees and our clients.

At Tiempo, we know that the people who make everything possible for our clients are our employees and we grow our talent strategically. Our leaders across our business at every level are committed to providing our talent with the framework, resources, and environment necessary to empower them to reach their own personal, professional goals, all with a healthy work life balance. This is what makes us effective in supporting the goals of our clients.

We understand that each of our employees plays an important role, not just on our team, but on our customers’ teams. These are the values that make our culture different and how they support our customers:

1. We make lives better.

At Tiempo we value having a diverse team that shares the same core values that are reflected in everything we do. From how we drive innovation to how we support our clients, we are always living the Tiempo Life. We are passionate about bringing our employees together to empower personal and professional growth – our internal committees organize sporting events, organize social events, and work on green initiatives.

Employees across all five of our locations are devoted to making their local communities stronger through giving back and volunteering.

2. We make and keep promises.

We keep our promises to our clients and our employees. It’s this dependability that our talent and our customers have come to rely on that helps us to retain our talent while growing customer loyalty.

3. We create repeatable success.

Propelling and maintaining a positive working culture drives more than just employee satisfaction, it creates repeatable success. Building open communications and providing a workplace that supports work life balance empowers employees to take ownership of the quality of their work, creating a higher quality outcome for our clients.

4. We approach challenges as opportunities to improve.

We never stop looking for better ways to do things for our employees and our employees never cease to find smarter ways to do things for our clients. We are always looking to improve our client experience and our employee experience – we understand these outcomes are interconnected.

5. We are passionate about helping our customers succeed.

At Tiempo, our employees know we’re all here to support the success of our customers and their businesses. Every one of our teammates is committed to driving results for our clients and celebrates their accomplishments as the greatest measure of their own success in supporting Tiempo and their professional development.

We partner with our clients to build teams that are culturally compatible to foster open collaboration with our team at every level. It is vital for our team members to communicate openly with one another and with our clients to welcome creativity and maintain adaptability for the most innovative technologies on the market.

6. We respect, support, and care for the people in our lives.

Our team members support and respect one another. Not only do we show this in our work, but we share it with our friends and family members by involving them in our cultural events. Twice a year we have culture weeks – every day celebrating a different value at the core of who we are as a company.

Tiempo employees at every level of our company from our newest hires up to the C-suite participate in these events to create a strong and sustainable working culture. At the end of each Tiempo Culture week we show our support for all of our team members by hosting a picnic for our employees. The invites are extended to their friends and families.

7. We are creating our future and making lives better.

We understand that investing in the future of our employees is an investment in the future of our company. Our management team works with employees to help them meet their professional goals and to keep them growing with our company and our customers.

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About Tiempo Development

Tiempo’s multicultural, high-tech nearshore business model has become hugely successful because we have been able to leverage and invest in the talent Mexico is fostering, making software development easier and more affordable. Our Mexico software development teams engineer powerful technologies that align with the goals and strategies of our customers for both their internal and public-facing development initiatives using our product lifecycle management framework called Tiempo Quality System or TQS. This framework encompasses the spirit of collaboration with a proven combination of resources, process, technology knowledge, industry expertise, and strong leadership resulting in cost-effective solutions delivered quickly from a pool of highly successful Mexican STEM graduates and experienced engineers. Our technical focus includes Microsoft infrastructure and security such as .NET and MSSQL; Java, LAMP and mobile application development. Find out more about outsourcing software development by contacting Tiempo today.

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