What is Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

What is quality assurance in software testing? Is there any difference between quality control and quality assurance? People normally get confused when they are asked to differentiate between quality assurance and quality control. They believe that quality control, quality testing, and quality assurance are the same activities. As they perform similar kinds of functions, they can be easily confused as the same activities. However, these are different and perform different types of tasks. In this article, we will discuss these types of activities with some more details about quality assurance.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance or QA is a quality testing activity. It ensures that an organization is offering the best possible services or products to benefit customers. It focuses on the developed procedures to ensure that the best quality products will be delivered to the end customers. Also, organizations need to make certain that their processes meet the quality standards defined for software products. In brief, you can say that quality assurance includes all those activities that will ensure the implementation of processed and standards in context to the certification of advanced software and determined requirements. QA does not do the actual testing of products. Instead, it focuses on the procedures to ensure the best outcome. Its activities are process-oriented activities.

What is Quality Control?

Quality Control or QC is a software engineering process. It is normally used to ensure the quality of the products or services. It is different from quality assurance. When quality assurance focuses on the processing, QC examines the quality of the end products. Its activities are product oriented that focuses on the final outcome. The key objective of QC is to ensure that the product is designed to meet the requirements and specification of the customers. If it finds an issue in the end product, it will be fixed soon before delivering to the customers. In brief, QC includes all those activities that ensure that the end products meet the quality standard requirements and demands of the customers. It involves actual testing by executing software after the software development process to find out a defect and to fix it before making it available to customers. The activities of QC are product-oriented activities.

What Is Testing?

Testing includes the actual testing of a product. It tastes a product for problems before it goes live. Testing ensures the identification of error, bugs, and defects in software. Its activities are product oriented activities.

More Details About Quality Assurance

Quality assurance includes a lot of activities in addition to process verification. It includes process implementation, definition, auditing, and training. The verification processes of QA are software design, testing, estimation, project management, software development methodology, and configuration management.

During the implementation processes, quality assurance is expected to do the following:

  • Identify the defects in the processes
  • Fix the issues to improve the process
Bottom Line

What is quality assurance in software testing? Quality assurance is an activity that covers the entire development process to ensure that it is being improved continuously to produce the end products that meet industry requirements or specifications.

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