Why Nearshore? To Outsource with a Winning Team

Software Enabled Companies are consistently looking for ways to get their products to the market faster than their competitors for a variety of reasons, such as improved market share, immediate product feedback, and increased revenue for further development. One method of expediting software development is to outsource to a highly skilled, software development team.

Hiring new developers, or adding on additional developers, in-house can be time consuming, because members require training, time to meld into the team, and time to build momentum. Outsourcing your software development circumvents this team building process by hiring on an already established team of skilled developers, making it cost-effective, development begins quickly, and it allows your core team to focus on other ventures. However, finding a software development firm that is right for you can be a process. To help you find the best outsource solution, we’ve started a 5-part series to help your business get its software into the market as efficiently as possible.

What makes a winning team?

The best teams have more than skilled talent, they have positive work culture and excellent internal team processes. When looking for software development team to work with, it’s important that their work culture and methodology complements your own. To narrow down your search, focus on the following three categories to help you find the best team that fits your needs:


Where your team is located has an effect on the flow of communication due to differences in time-zones. Teams located in countries further from yours will have a narrower time gap to discuss progress or changes in the software development. Generally, the more sophisticated the functionality of the software, the closer you will want the development team. Having a closer team allows for changes to be implemented in real-time without disrupting their momentum.

Another reason to consider the team’s location is because different countries have their own legal environments that may complicate contracts, copyright claims, and quality insurances. Countries that have a long history of commerce between them tend to have international laws that mirror one another. For example, Mexico and the United States are governed by the NAFTA agreement. This agreement protects the interests of foreign investors with an arm of law that extends United States’ property laws into Mexico.

Work Culture

Finding a team whose work culture is compatible to your own helps solidify goals and priorities. It provides a system by which success is measured and goals are defined. For example, development teams in Asia are known for being more comfortable working with clients that have a well formed vision with a highly structured process. This makes a linear process highly effective.

Teams from Latin America and Eastern Europe can be more accepting of flexible visions and a process based on direct communication. This makes it easier for clients who know what they want from their software, but may not know how to get there, to create the product they envision.

Onsite Management

The style of management used has a major influence on the team’s overall productivity. Managers who show strong communication skills are able to disseminate information efficiently, keeping team confidence high. Strong communication skills also help the client formulate effective solutions to any concerns that may arise during development.

Managers who stay up-to-date with the best practices, such as Agile methodologies, are result-focused. Managers who use Agile methodologies create teams that are most adaptable to change, quick to respond to feedback and are focused on creating high quality products. Tiempo Development uses the Agile methodologies to develop quality software, which stays within your budget, at its development centers in Mexico. This is because Agile methodology focuses on collaboration with the client, so nurturing a team dynamic that is similar to having in-house developers is key.

For more information on Tiempo Agile methodologies or our nearshore software development services, click here. Combining Agile methodologies with nearshore services brings you high quality software while saving you time and resources.

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