World-class Recruiting and Engineers

At Tiempo Development, we know that the highest software quality comes from employees who are empowered to explore creative solutions. We invest heavily in the successful recruitment of premier talent and the career development of our employees.

World-Class Recruiting

When organizing a development team, our recruiting staff works closely with operations to understand the technical knowledge, experience, and team compatibility needs of software and the client. Specialized teams, that work well together, can then be put together with the experience needed to create software that meets the demands of the client’s industry.

Creating a Winning Team

We start by recruiting software developers and management from within our company. All of our employees go through our training and skill building process to meet our high standards of talent. If the development requires a specialized solution, we invite our clients to interview the team managers to ensure that the team’s skillset is right for the project.

Along with our internal recruiting is our rigorous hiring process, which involves a series of interviews, ensures team compatibility and technical knowledge. Many of our new employees come from trusted referrals or our candidate pipeline. We perform extensive research in the skills, background, and certifications of all new employees for any additional training.

Our pipeline hosts knowledgeable recruits who are interested in advancing their skills and we, as a company, provide an environment that enables creative solutions. We attract the highly talented developers by offering our employees highly competitive benefits and salary. We also offer a high growth rate throughout the company. We provide all of our employees with the tools and opportunities to build on their skills and pursue their interests, as well as a culture fueled by collaboration and learning.

Extensive Career Development

Empowering employees with the tools for Career Development is a core value of Tiempo Development. We provide resources that help motivate our engineers to remain up-to-date on best practices for measurable results. Using the principles of Agile methodologies, all of our employees collaborate with management to create goals to improve their technical and communication skills.

Encouraging Success

Successful Career Development is based around our employees pursuing certification initiatives. All of our employees are encouraged to attain certifications relevant to their role and responsibilities. While most certification requirements are fixed, the approach taken to earn examination credits is flexible. Employees have access to libraries, modules, courses, and sponsored learning events and classes. These tools allow our employees to learn the most from their experience. This keeps our employees engaged and motivated in the certification and skill building process, offering our clients a team with initiative.

Another resource we offer employees to help build their skills, is access to coaches who work with management in finding growth opportunities. All of our coaches are technical experts and specialists in their roles. Coaches help employees create create and implement action plans, offering advice on materials and practices to study.

Tiempo Quarterly Tune-Up

At the end of each quarter, Tiempo Development holds a progress assessment called Tiempo Quarterly Tune-Up. Using an Agile approach, management and employees meet together to discuss progress made in meeting short-term and long-term goals for direction and proactive feedback. Success is defined through the use of goal-specific markers, such as client satisfaction, creating successful processes, and finding better techniques and coding practices.

At Tiempo Development, we believe in fostering a culture that embraces growth and advancement. Technological change is a constant and solution requirements are always evolving. We invest in our employees to help build their skills stay ahead of today’s challenges, leading the way to new solutions and ideas for our clients.

Developing creative solutions is deeply embedded into Tiempo Development’s business practices. We use Agile methodologies to collaborate with our clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. To learn more about how a development team can supplement your company, read our whitepaper about Marrying Internal and External Teams.

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