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Offshore Software Development - #1 Low Cost Agile Solutions


What exactly is offshore development?


It not is easy to for an organization to do everything on their own. Sometimes they need help from a more skilled workforce outside the organization. Offshore software development is a form of outsourcing where an organization look for software development service from a company that is located in a different country. This technique is widely used by companies because it is affordable and enable the company to get quality software development services within a short period of time.

Why choose offshore

offshore software developmentThere are many reasons why many organization choose offshore development services. First, it allows them to save costs on things such as material, labor and overhead. Another crucial benefit is access to tax incentives. It also allows flexibility. Most companies in United States offshore their services in countries such as India and China. However Mexico is quickly becoming a preferred destination for offshoring. Steady increase in offshoring has been attributed to increase in number of skilled labor force as well as the regularization of cloud computing. This has made it possible for companies to offshore their projects but at the same time have greater control over their projects. Another benefit of outsourcing software development services it is that allows companies to focus on what are good at. This helps to reduce stress because they know that more experienced company is actually handing their development department. Cloud on the other hand allow the management team to monitor their project in real time and recommend changes if needed. The good thing about offshore software development is that is not only limited to
large , well established companies, even small businesses can use this technique to improve efficiency and productivity.


Offshoring is flexible. This means that it can actually be adjusted to meet the needs of any business regardless of its size and market. This is very important because it create a level playing field. Smallbusinesses can enjoy the services of skilled labor force just like large corporations. This helps to reduce time as well as cost that the company would have incurred if the software was developed done in house. Outsourcing also allows businesses to maximize their strengths thus boosting productivity.

Can Mexico be categorized as offshore?

As we mentioned earlier, México is quickly becoming one of the most preferred offshore country by US companies. But the big question is, is Mexico really an offshore country? Due to its proximity to United States of America, Mexico can be categorized and Nearshore. However Nearshore is almost similar to offshore software development because in both, the services are outsourced from another country. However, in the case, the country where the project is being outsourced share the same boundary with the client and sometimes shares even cultural, political and linguistic. Nearshoring offers the same benefits as offshoring such as scalability and cost effectiveness. However it has more additional benefits such as minimal custom and time zone difference. In addition to that, Nearshoring allows companies to have more control over the process because operations are performed at around the same business hours. This is very important because it allows proper communication between the developer and the client

Offshore software development strategy that we use

At Tiempo Development, we are committed to give our clients quality services. Our services are customer centric, fast and reliable. Our aim is to give clients quality services with tangible outcomes. We usually communicate with our clients on regular basis just to ensure that they are happy with our results. Our TQS is well structured and allows us to streamline our customer software development demands and business practices with our teams goals. Just to ensure that we meet the expectations of our clients, we use performance indicators that allows us to handle any problem that arises on a timely manner. It also allows us to detect problem early before they become big. Our main focus is giving our client quality end result that they will be proud of. That is why our execution is smooth and efficient.

Quality offshore software developers

What does staff augmentation mean?

offshore software development company We are always committed to give our clients services that even surpass their expectations. That is why at Tiempo, we have a dedicated offshore development team who will work tirelessly to ensure that your project become a success. Our dedicated software engineers will do their best to deliver high quality custom software that will help boost the productivity of your business to increase ROI. The team of hardworking developers that we will assign to you will work closely with you and will update you on every progress that they make. We take pride for having the most experienced developers in the industry and will ensure that they satisfy unique needs of your business.

Our talented IT team will work with you closely to create customized software development solution that will meet individual needs of your business. They will use the most appropriate technology that is efficient but cost effective for your project. We have dedicated team of developers who have more than 12 year experience working in this competitive industry. They have handled many complicated software development projects from many countries across the globe and they know exactly what to do to give you quality results that you are looking for. Our competent team will ensure that they deliver high quality results on time.

Offshore support and maintenance

We care about our clients more than anything else and what is why we provide quality customer support. We understand that the needs of our clients keep changing constantly and that is why we are here to help. We provide high quality and long term support and maintenance services to all our clients. weather you are looking for products release support, upgrades and patches, adding new features to enhance your product,
configuration management support our bug fixing, you can be sure that Tiempo will give you quality maintenance and support service that you will be proud of.

Offshore QA and testing

As a reputable software development service, we usually render high quality and thoughtful programming to all or esteem clients. All our applications and software are of quality, reliable and developed using the latest technology best coding practices. Regardless of the size of your project, our experienced developers will offer quality control an assurance to ensure that your project is successful. When you hire our professional team of QA testers and developer, then you can be sure that we will create flawless software that will meet the changing demand of your business. We will monitor the software constantly in real time across different devices and platforms to ensure that it gives you quality services that you are looking for.

Mobile application development

offshore software development servicesWe also provide end to end application development by creating quality mobile apps that meets your business needs and requirements. Our experienced mobile developer team are well conversant with various mobile platforms including windows phone, iOS and android. If you want to create new mobile application, then look no further than us. We will create high quality application that has user friendly interface and high quality features that will help you attract more customers. All features of the app are well optimized for greater efficiency.

In conclusion, if you are looking quality mobile applications, dynamic web or customized software at cost effective price then look no further than us. We will use our experience and technological expertise to give you quality and reliable offshore software development services. Don’t wait, call us today! Our highly skilled developers are on standby waiting for your call.

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