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Big Data Mining Enables Better Decisions


The Internet of Things (IoT) and the focus on obtaining and mining big data is enhancing the business landscape and facilitating the need for more advanced data analytics tools. Tiempo has invested in a team of Data Scientists to remain ahead of the technology curve and provide our customers better solutions.

Each day, businesses realize the value of big data and how they can more accurately make predictions, reduce costs and maximize efficiency. The IoT surge continues to identify the advantages of big data and data mining in every industry. However, the volume of big data, the complexity of the data and the processing application software presents a new set of challenges for custom software engineers. Our team of Data Scientists have unique backgrounds and areas of expertise. They are ready to support data-driven decisions based on analytics and mining.

Our Data Analytics Team

Tiempo Data Scientists are highly experienced in servicing data integration, data discovery, data mining, and behavior analysis of your company’s data ecosystem. Our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds including predictive analytics and data visualization and analytics.

We work side-by-side with our clients’ IT team, using our proven Tiempo Quality System focused around a structured approach ensuring we meet the expectations and delivery needs of our clients. Our business discovery and analysis reviews to find value within data through a rigorous ETL and automation process, business projection optimization and modeling. Our team also has the scientific expertise required to create and deploy extremely complex algorithms.

Expertise and Technologies

Our Data Scientists have a wealth of experience in working with all major database architectures and Database Management Systems, including:

Data Analytics Tools

Tiempo Data Scientists are equipped with a variety of data mining and automation tools to scale solutions as needed. We also help our clients configure and connect analytical tools for cross-department solutions, such as:

  • Qlikview

    – A powerful visualization tool that specializes in associative search for fast user-insight
  • Tableau

    – Business Intelligence software with a user-friendly interface for on-the-go analytics
  • Weka

    – Advanced data mining software that also classifies, performs regression, and clusters information
  • Java, Python and R Programming Languages

    - Essential languages for exploratory data analysis and predictive analytics

Recent Projects

While many of our clients are large corporations with complex infrastructures and data volumes, our services will also help mid-sized companies realize the worth of their data. Our service pairs companies with experts, no matter the industry or data requirements. For the latest information, visit our press release and blog content. Some of our recent projects include:

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