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Software Product Definition


Product Definition translates ideas and expectations into clearly documented and prioritized software capabilities.

Our custom Product Definition services are critical, but often over-looked within software development outsourcing companies. In the rush to improve go-to-market, many companies do not take the time to prepare a product vision, a well-defined product plan, and detailed documentation. Product definitions ensure a well-scoped plan, which leads to an on-target product delivery time.

Tiempo Development draws on more than a decade of experience in building innovative business models and ground-breaking industry achievements. We help clients steer away from common errors or misjudgments, and we can help you too.

We use our business analysis and requirements gathering expertise, including proven BABOK methodologies, to translate ideas and expectations into software capabilities.

BABOK Methodologies

BABOK or Business Analysis Body of Knowledge is a collection of knowledge that provides recommended best practices for a wide range of Business Analysis areas including planning and monitoring, elicitation, requirements management, enterprise analysis, and more. It’s well-researched, well-respected, and reviewed by experts. We believe in business-first practices, so we use the best resources to help develop a clear product definition that answers any potential questions stakeholders have.

Product Vision

Early in the process, we can help prepare a product vision document that clarifies what the product should and should not do. We use any relevant information gathered from our detailed discovery and analysis phase including competitor landscape, the current system context, and important business drivers. We also list stakeholders involved in product production and implementation as well as expected user roles.

Product Definition Documentation

Product Definition documentation prepares the design of the technical architecture for a client’s solution and enables the planning and pacing of the development project that comes next. Also, the Product Definition documentation is a great tool to use in conversations with potential investors, strategic accounts, analysts, or anywhere it is of value to demonstrate a sound technology platform strategy.

The Tiempo Approach

We follow an agile proprietary, customer-centric approach called the Tiempo Quality System (TQS). TQS is a structured, fast-moving framework that begins with customer process analysis and the product definition phase, continuing through agile development, deployment, and support. TQS emphasizes tangible outcomes and collaborative client interactions on a daily basis. We keep our customers’ software development models and business practices closely aligned with our Teams’ efforts, always focusing on the end results and business values delighting our customers as an end result.

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