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Quality Assurance and Testing


Ready to take your user experience higher? We know that incredible customer experiences start with an experienced Quality Assurance and Testing team. At Tiempo Development, our experienced professionals test your software and applications, uncovering any complications along the way before you or your customers. Our team members are efficient, scalable, accurate, and of course, obsessed with quality.

As more businesses invest in Quality Assurance and technical services, bringing on a team of vetted Quality Assurance specialists to test software applications and products is critical. At Tiempo Development, teams of QA & QC specialists with extensive backgrounds and areas of experience are here to support quality and to continue elevating your customer experience.

Our Quality Assurance Team

Tiempo QA specialists are highly experienced in reviewing software via Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Automated Testing, Continuous Testing, Smoke Testing, UI/UX Validation and testing of browser compatibility. Testing of all applications is performed using Agile methodology for faster results and a finished quality product, sooner. Our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds including Information Technologies, Quality Assurance, and Development. Our QA team works around your unique business goals and challenges with our other technical teams to drive higher quality software and a shorter Time-to- Market. Tiempo Development uses Agile methodologies to help refine your user experience by working side-by- side with the members of your own IT team to support the successful implementation of technologies and strategy on the first release. Our team also has the technical experience required to test extremely complex software and algorithms.

Agile Testing Strategies

Our team delivers streamlined and transparent execution and definition of testing strategies. These center around your software products and sync with your individual business goals using Agile Methodologies, including product backlog creation, user stories definition and life cycles, testing and executions plans, testing processes, defect management, triage and tracking.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing is important to assure the quality of software before its release. The testing examines how your hardware, software, Website, and/or internal application performs its expected functions. This rapid series of tests validates the behavior of the application by applying a wide range of regular and also incorrect input data to see how the software responds in every instance.

  • Unit Testing

    Unit testing is the first level of software testing used to validate that each software unit performs as designed.
  • Integration Testing

    Integration Testing is the second level of software testing used to expose defects between integrated units.
  • System Testing

    System Testing is used to review complete and fully integrated software product behavior for potential bugs and complications.
  • Regression Testing

    Regression Testing ensures any changes and previous programming functions are intact with the latest updates applied.

Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional testing ensures software meets performance metrics, scales, passes security requirements and has expanded availability to its designated user base. This encompasses testing of user commands, data manipulation, searches, business processes, user screens, and integration. Non-Functional Testing includes:

  • Load Testing

    Load Testing reviews the response and behavior of an application under normal load and peak load conditions through rigorous testing.
  • Stress Testing

    Stress Testing determines software stability by deliberately introducing intense amounts of requests and operations.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing is important because it quickly accesses, determines, and diagnoses the state of your software using functional and non-functional testing using scripts and automated tools. Our team uses this approach to evaluate whether the solution falls in compliance with business requirements and industry regulations. Automated testing is crucial to implement strategies such as CI/CD to include the automated test suites within the process.

Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing covers implementations and automation cases and should be included in a CI/CD strategy, provide insight and support in integrating automated test suites with CI/CD tools considering Functional (focused on regression) and Non-Functional testing. Continuous Testing is incorporated on multi-instance environments and automated defect tracking items.

Browser Compatibility Testing

Browser Compatibility Testing is a must for any software or app to review and compare for functionality and layout style across multiple browser platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices to highlight any potential problems. This includes validation on requisite OS and Browser types and versions and covers the impact of integration server changes.

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing is critical because it validates your software to ensure it is stable enough to proceed with further testing. Preliminary testing is used to catch the high-level functional errors of an application. Smoke Testing guarantees that the critical functionalities of an application are in place and performing normally before clearing the way for further detailed testing.

UI/UX Validation

UI/UX Validation is at the center of the user experience. User tests validate that your software solution is intuitive and simple to use. This testing provides insight into areas including navigation, business processes, and user behavior. This validates interactive elements on each screen, ease of navigation, navigation flows, redundant or low-value information, and the fitting display of elements.

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