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The Reality of Managing Cloud Costs

Cloud Cost Management Pull QuoteManaging cloud is complex for even the most advanced organizations. And as migrations to the cloud become one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spending, greater scrutiny is required.

Regardless of how you budget, buy, and consume cloud, companies are finding that without dedicated processes and skills to manage cloud, time delays, cost overruns, and inefficiencies are inevitable.

According to Gartner, “Cloud Cost Management is rapidly becoming a new career path for IT professionals.

Gartner reports that nearly 30% of cloud spend is on unneeded or underutilized resources

Tiempo Provides Robust Cloud Cost Management Solutions

Cloud Cost Management InfographicHaving an agreed and formalized cloud cost containment strategy today is critical, especially in challenging economic times as we’ve experienced in 2020. A clear strategy involves a deep understanding of the cloud, tools, and best practices. Gartner reports that nearly 30% of cloud spend is on unneeded or underutilized resources.

An unbiased, third-party expert can help you understand and manage costs, ensure you’re using the right tools and help your organization keep up with the lightning-fast rates of technological change. Tiempo can help you find your 30% and keep it from coming back.

Tiempo offers a variety of Cloud Cost Management Solutions for both the AWS cloud computing platform and Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. These offerings are designed to advance the strategies of Engineering and R&D Managers, CIOs and Security Officers, and Chief Marketing and Digital Officers.


Are your cloud environments set up properly to ensure predictable and optimal costs? Tiempo Cloud Cost Benchmark will:

    • Ensure optimal configuration
    • Optimize resource scheduling
    • Configure cost containment rules
    • Ensure efficiency of resource utilization

Tiempo Cost Benchmarking provides a comprehensive set of assessments and recommendations for costs, resource utilization, CSEM and other utilization tools.


Are your cloud solutions architected to align with your strategy and provide secure, reliable performance? Tiempo Cloud Architectural Review will match resources to:

    • Application use cases
    • Reliability and performance needs
    • Security requirements

Tiempo Cloud Architecture Review will provide an assessment and recommendations for solution architecture intended to reduce cost.


Do you have sufficient visibility of performance to manage costs? Tiempo Application Development Guidance Will Identify:

    • Improvements for monitoring
    • Performance issues
    • Unnecessary 3rd party dependencies

Tiempo Application Development Guidance provides comprehensive assessments with corresponding recommendations for application refactoring. Refactoring intended to improve monitoring of usage KPIs, track crucial performance numbers, and ensure proper application uptime while at the same time right sizing cloud infrastructure


Do you have the right resources and skills to contain cloud costs? Tiempo Cloud Cost Control Management will:

    • Manage and control costs without sidetracking the internal team
    • Augment your existing operations with on-demand talent
    • Leverage hard earned expertise in CSEM and other tools to reduce spend without costly hourly consulting or long learning curves

Tiempo Cloud Cost Control Management delivers just-in-time resource changes to configuration and set-up. Cost management services sustain and improve controls by assessing application release impacts and actively monitoring cloud environments.

The Benefits of Tiempo Cloud Cost Management

  • Benchmark costs against product reliability and scalability
  • Reduce or eliminate cloud services that are underutilized
  • Implement the appropriate CSEM tooling and approach
  • Integrate cost management into the DevOps practice and ensure that cost is considered throughout the development lifecycle
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities by reducing unused or underutilized resources
  • Support the proper cost optimization and operations
  • Reduce engineering staff distractions with many cloud maintenance activities
  • Shore up best practices and encourage the organization to bring CI/CD Automation forward
  • Bringing additional resources to execute an already-defined project for changes to legacy or “shipped” product infrastructure
  • Quickly and efficiently organize a set of development efforts that will significantly improve performance and reduce costs
  • Level set the cost of services against product operations to determine specific changes that will help maximize business value
  • Keep up with the speed of technological change and updates
  • Get independent validation of current costs and architecture

Are You Ready for Cloud Cost Management?

Here are 10 important questions to help you decide:

  1. Are you paying more than you expected when originally contemplating the cloud?
  2. Are you uncertain what Public Cloud environments and services are needed or used?
  3. Did you properly configure your public cloud so you don’t end up with the necessary redundancy?
  4. Are you uncertain about whether your usage of third-party service providers is negatively impacting your ongoing costs?
  5. Might your monitoring system be insufficient or too basic to meet your needs?
  6. Do you not have proper monitoring in place to know when you need to scale up?
  7. Does your team have the necessary skills to configure the environments and tools to ensure proper cost controls?
  8. Might you be paying for higher-cost regions when a lower-cost region would suffice?
  9. Are you monitoring all resources?
  10. Might you be over-provisioned with third-party resources?

Benchmark Your Application Development Capability

How do you compare with other mid-sized corporations or ISVs on building and deploying software? Are you optimized or ad hoc? Where are you lagging and where are you leading? Tiempo has been collecting benchmarking data for years from many of the leading companies building software in the US. In less than 10 minutes, by answering the questions, you can see your capability maturity compared to your peers and gain valuable insights for improvement.

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Our Expertise

No matter whether you want to modernize a legacy software environment, build a new platform, or envision unheard-of capabilities that may rock an industry, you can rely on Tiempo to apply the right technologies to your business strategies.

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Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.

Sean Sullivan, CTO CBT Nuggets

Tiempo continues to get better with every challenge we present to them, and they excel when it comes to the mastery of agile methodology and Microsoft technology especially. I look forward to the results of our continuing collaboration.

Robert McEwin, Director of Engineering Tripwire

Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us.

Mike Fujikawa, IT Director ATA Retail Services

Tiempo completed the work within our short timeframe and delivered a powerful solution. This would have taken much longer to accomplish with other vendors.

Jim Richards, Chief Strategy Officer Annexus Group

Not having to wait 15 hours to talk on the phone or hold our projects for days to have an overseas firm fly to U.S. is a huge advantage.

Aaron Lerner, VP of Research and Development Tripwire

We Deliver Ultimate Outcomes

The companies that come to Tiempo for their development needs, come to us looking for a partner. The perfect company that can share their values, their goals, and can be there for every step of their journey. The relationships we build with our clients and the value we add make them better in the process. When outsourcing your software development, get more than just resources. Get Ultimate Outcomes.
ATA Retail Services Case Study

"Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us."

- Mike Fujikawa, IT Director ATA Retail Services
ATA Retail Services Case Study

"Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us."

- Mike Fujikawa, IT Director, ATA Retail Services
CBT Nuggets Case Study

“Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.”

Sean Sullivan, CTO, CBT Nuggets

Benefits of Nearshore

Tiempo is widely recognized as one of the leading software engineering companies in the US. Putting to work nearshore engineering resources and high-performance teams with a relentless focus on client outcomes, Tiempo designs, builds, and deploys software that delights clients.

Experts in Software, Culture and Leadership

Tiempo offers more than just resources to supplement your team. Our teams add value to every engagement by providing their vast expertise on a variety of topics including Agile, DevOps, Microservices, Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Outsourcing Strategy.
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Considerations for aligning your organization for a successful Microservices initiative.
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An expert perspective on how to make DevOps work in your organization.
High-Performing Teams White Paper

A review of how the right nearshore partner can set you up for success.

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