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Tiempo Development offers a full suite of custom Healthcare App Development and data management services for healthcare and patient care companies.

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Healthcare App Development

Tiempo offers a wide range of custom healthcare software solutions and data management services for healthcare and patient services companies. From the initial planning stage through software deployment and ongoing maintenance, our high-performance teams design, build, and deliver software solutions and provide support throughout the entire lifecycle.

Our nearshore engineering teams strictly adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations to ensure that our customized healthcare software solutions exceed industry standards.

Healthcare Software Solutions Tackle Key Industry Challenges

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act has introduced new challenges to the healthcare industry landscape. These challenges present new opportunities in how to store patient data and integrate existing processes.

Technology Dependency in Patient Services

The use of mobile devices and other emerging technologies has led to a growing number of patients demanding digital health services. Healthcare providers who expand their services into mobile devices may need to be compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory agencies. Tiempo Development provides engineers who are highly experienced in secure healthcare software solutions and HIPAA Compliance.

New Opportunities Created by the Growing Volume of Data

The mass of adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) across the entire industry has led to unprecedented access to data, offering new opportunities to engage with patients, improve access to preventative care, and offer remote healthcare services through advanced data analytics. Tiempo Development offers database management services to control the growing flow of EHR data, ensuring data is easily accessible, while stored according to HIPAA standards.

Surging Practice Costs for Healthcare Providers

In addition to changing regulations and an influx in data, healthcare organizations are coping with surging costs associated with providing care to patients. Organizations can minimize costly mistakes associated with manual processes by digitizing administrative and patient processes.

Tiempo Development uses Agile methodologies to ensure that clients have complete control over the direction of their healthcare app development project, securing the value of their investment.

Why Use Tiempo for Your Healthcare App Development Project?

Customized Healthcare Software Solutions and Application Development

Tiempo’s healthcare app development teams go through a rigorous HIPAA training and certification process, ensuring your software meets the latest healthcare compliance standards.

Tiempo clients are matched with a specialized team of experts based on existing technologies and business goals. Developers will design and build usable, patient-friendly healthcare software solutions in line with the security and compliance challenges characteristic of the industry.

Tiempo engineers are Microsoft Gold Partners, highly experienced in native app development for complete access to the functions of the existing technologies and devices.

Big Data Analytics and Database Maintenance

Thanks to the EHR initiatives of the HITECH Act, the amount of healthcare data will continue to grow, creating an even greater demand for secure storage solutions that keep patient information safe. Our data science team specializes in extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process of disorganized data sets, allowing organizations to mine existing data for actionable insights.

Work with a Healthcare App Development Team that Understands Your Business

Tiempo clients have the option of working with a pre-built team, assembled using our Tiempo Quality System (TQS), which matches developers and engineers based on your goals, use case, and existing technologies. TQS pulls best practices from enterprise, mid-market and cloud development into a single system that can be adapted to any project, including custom healthcare software development.

All developers are trained and certified to the latest HIPAA technological standards and healthcare industry needs:

  • Securing access to Protected Health Information (PHI) with unique user authentication
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Knowledge of regular safety maintenance routines
  • Experienced in performing system audits to ensure data integrity
  • Developing device wipe features and backup of PHI
  • Agile Methodologies

Tiempo’s high-performance nearshore developers operate as an extension of your in-house team and use Agile Methodologies to deliver secure, compliant healthcare software solutions fast. Learn more about Tiempo’s healthcare app development process. Contact us today to speak with an expert.

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