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Current State of Data Science


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The Data Science Reality

Managing cloud is complex for even the most advanced organizations. And as migrations to the cloud become one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spending, greater scrutiny is required.

Regardless of how you budget, buy, and consume cloud, companies are finding that without dedicated processes and skills to manage cloud, time delays, cost overruns, and inefficiencies are inevitable.

According to Gartner, “Cloud Cost Management is rapidly becoming a new career path for IT professionals.

Gartner reports that nearly 30% of cloud spend is on unneeded or underutilized resources.

Fixed Scope Data Science Offerings to Meet Your Needs

Tiempo offers a variety of fixed-scope Data Science solutions that advance the strategies of Engineering and R&D Managers, CIO’s and Security Officers, and Chief Marketing and Digital Officers.


Do you have insufficient information to make optimal business decisions?

Tiempo Intelligence will:

    • Properly frame business decisions
    • Determine the data sources and strategy required to support it.
    • On-board the tools and techniques to deliver the desired user experience and level of automation.
    • Validate the tool’s functionality, cost, and ROI.

Real-life example: A multinational professional services company seeks to maximize favorable currency exchange when paying their overseas employees. Using machine learning algorithms they were able to take advantage of cycles in the exchange rates to adjust pay dates for different countries.


Is your current Data Science initiative working well?

Tiempo Check-up will:

    • Check for system health, ensure tools are working.
    • Validate algorithms, make sure it isn’t GIGO.
    • Check original expense objectives are being achieved and all data feeds being used.
    • Expose any expensive vendor lock-ins and check ROI metrics.
    • Help you through your next regulatory compliance milestone.

Real-life example: A large medical product company, sing deep machine learning tools for patient treatment determination, gets independent validation of their algorithms to demonstrate efficacy and functionality to an external regulatory agency.

The medical services provider was able to reduce their Data Science engineering expenses immediately by 64% (USA DS at $29k/mo and nearshore equivalent at $10.4k/mo). No impact to product development timeline, net reduction in product development costs, and lower cost regulatory certifications.


Data Science not delivering clear, accessible insights?

Tiempo Dashboard will:

    • Review data-to-decision pipeline.
    • Clarify decision relevance and reinforce usability through better UI/UX.
    • Ensure system responsiveness and ease of use.
    • Eliminate collaboration turbulence and streamline processes.
    • Reinforce original roll-out documentation and provide additional training.

Real-life example: A commercial real estate company seeking to provide agents with bundles of properties to buy, needed clearer and more concise decision support to guide their agents and overcome problems with the original system.

The commercial real estate company was able to reduce asset inventory time – average time a property was for sale – by 37% over a 4 month project.


Are your Data Science and business strategies aligned?

Tiempo Audit will:

    • Confirm alignment of business plan and DS roadmap.
    • Ensure Data Science tools/automation are functioning and at anticipated costs.
    • Ensure decision support is feeding decision making cadence.
    • Provide UI/UX fine-tuning to address new use-cases, retrain as needed.
    • Validate ROI attainment of Data Science investment.
    • Review and refresh for changes in regulatory compliance.

Real-life example: Following a recent acquisition, an executive management team required an audit to fully understand the acquired company’s Data Science Decision Support environment and how to apply it to the new unified organization.

The incoming executive management team was able to preserve the ROI on the previous management team’s $150K DS project and sustain the “smart enterprise” design after one 8-week project.

By 2022, more than half of major new business systems will incorporate continuous intelligence that uses real-time context data to improve decisions.

Business Benefits of Tiempo Flex Data Science

Provides independent validation of proprietary machine learning algorithms based on the company’s internal test needs and regulatory requirements.

Provides validation of performance, both predictive efficacy, computational performance and queries cost of data lake formation.

Establishes efficiencies in test automation through ML based optimization regimes. Apply Data Science to automate DevOps processes. Selects the best subset of applicable tests.

Delivers dashboard in relevant formats to provide decision support for senior management teams.

Integrates dashboards into business workflows and processes at the senior management level or within the specific business processes.

Devlops machine learning algorithms that examine security logs files to assess risks with specific types of threats.

Delivers information to support new product features, services, price-points, response times, quality-of-services, etc. Differentiates solutions through the use of data science or enhancements to BI metrics.

Optimizes the client company’s marketing spend by analyzing data from media channels, patterns of interest, customer surveys, sales history, call center activity, etc.

Secures additional resources to execute an already-defined project. Provides skill sets not available within the client organization.

Provides product ownership and converts requirements into a backlog for project execution.

Gleans information from existing CRM data regarding a client’s propensity to buy due to factors such as seasonality, industry/regulatory trends, events, etc.

Are You Ready for Data Science?

Here are 9 important questions to help you decide:

  1. Are all of your data feeds being utilized?
  2. Are there data sources, for example, social media, billing info and browsing history, that are not yet integrated to your model?
  3. Are you locked-into a single vendor for Data Science analysis?
  4. What are trends in business improvement since your Data Science implementation?
  5. Are you using the most up to date analytical techniques?
  6. What are the operational costs of your data science?
  7. Are you achieving established Data Science ROI goals?
  8. Have you operationalized the use of Data Science for decision making?
  9. When was your last update to the Data Science tool?

Our Expertise

No matter whether you want to modernize a legacy software environment, build a new platform, or envision unheard-of capabilities that may rock an industry, you can rely on Tiempo to apply the right technologies to your business strategies.

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Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.

Sean Sullivan, CTO CBT Nuggets

Tiempo continues to get better with every challenge we present to them, and they excel when it comes to the mastery of agile methodology and Microsoft technology especially. I look forward to the results of our continuing collaboration.

Robert McEwin, Director of Engineering Tripwire

Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us.

Mike Fujikawa, IT Director ATA Retail Services

Tiempo completed the work within our short timeframe and delivered a powerful solution. This would have taken much longer to accomplish with other vendors.

Jim Richards, Chief Strategy Officer Annexus Group

Not having to wait 15 hours to talk on the phone or hold our projects for days to have an overseas firm fly to U.S. is a huge advantage.

Aaron Lerner, VP of Research and Development Tripwire

We Deliver Ultimate Outcomes

The companies that come to Tiempo for their development needs, come to us looking for a partner. The perfect company that can share their values, their goals, and can be there for every step of their journey. The relationships we build with our clients and the value we add make them better in the process. When outsourcing your software development, get more than just resources. Get Ultimate Outcomes.
Tripwire Case Study

"Tiempo continues to get better with every challenge we present to them, and they excel when it comes to the mastery of agile methodology and Microsoft technology especially. I look forward to the results of our continuing collaboration."

- Robert McEwin, Director of Engineering, Tripwire
ATA Retail Services Case Study

"Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us."

- Mike Fujikawa, IT Director, ATA Retail Services
CBT Nuggets Case Study

“Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.”

Sean Sullivan, CTO, CBT Nuggets

Benefits of Nearshore

Tiempo is widely recognized as one of the leading software engineering companies in the US. Putting to work nearshore engineering resources and high-performance teams with a relentless focus on client outcomes, Tiempo designs, builds, and deploys software that delights clients.

Experts in Software, Culture and Leadership

Tiempo offers more than just resources to supplement your team. Our teams add value to every engagement by providing their vast expertise on a variety of topics including Agile, DevOps, Microservices, Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Outsourcing Strategy.
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