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Technavio’s report Global DevOps Platform Market 2016-2020 predicts the global DevOps market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 19% until 2020. According to the report, the IT sector is turning to DevOps to hasten development of their software products and for improved software quality.

Similarly, Gartner has also predicted greater use of DevOps though it also predicts a high failure rate for such initiatives. Research from Gartner indicates that “through 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations due to issues around organizational learning and change.”

In addition, Gartner’s report found that DevOps failed because of human error, unrealistic expectations, and a lack of collaboration.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps, quite simply, is the combination of the words development and operations. DevOps involves a complete reset of your team’s development efforts, combined with a cultural shift in the way development and operations  teams communicate with each other and perform their jobs. The introduction of DevOps means developers will no longer work largely on their own and then hand off code for implementation.

DevOps fosters deeper collaboration, which results in bringing new software capabilities to the business and providing real-world feedback. This leads to an ongoing, rapid feedback loop of continuous development.

However, successful implementation of DevOps, requires the right tools and infrastructure to support efficient, automated processes in software testing, deployment, and integration.

When used effectively, DevOps consulting can help you align your internal culture and adopt the DevOps processes that enable you to achieve optimum results.

DevOps Outsourcing Explained

As with other technologies, organizations often lack the resources or expertise to successfully introduce DevOps. Outsourcing to a DevOps company makes sense if a business wants to benefit from its main advantages, such as:

  • Improved quality
  • Fewer security issues
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Reduced costs, as opposed to hiring a full-time member of staff
  • Faster recovery from failures

A Proven DevOps Solutions Partner

For Tiempo Development, continuous improvement is a core value that pervades all company operations and every client engagement. Agile development that follows the DevOps approach gives us a structure to enable our people to produce better results, day after day. By incorporating DevOps into your development project, we can be more responsive to your shifting business needs and can deliver top-quality code faster. We work with your product owner and other key roles to gain the full benefit of the high-performance team culture that truly lets DevOps take off. Collaborating with Tiempo as your DevOps Solutions Partner can also accelerate your progress toward re-creating your own development activities along DevOps principles.

Reducing The Distance To Software Benefits

DevOps can be revolutionary if it is implemented with the right team culture and roles, backed by such practices as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) and process streamlining through automation.

Developers become not just more aware and more closely aligned with the vision that drives a company and the resulting requirements for software code. They also gain the resources to work together with the business and deliver unprecedented results. When you perform a DevOps project with Tiempo, collaboration between your business stakeholders and product owners and our high-performing teams makes it easier to establish objectives; pursue them in agile development cycles; write, test, and deliver code; and watch the outcomes.

Less Risk, Faster Results

Best practices for DevOps as well as the tools, and infrastructures for DevOps are maturing as companies experiment with the discipline and learn how to benefit from it. That may sometimes involve misjudgements and mistakes which can slow projects down. At times, an organization’s development culture may be resistant to the collaborative, accountable DevOps teaming style.

You don’t incur these risks when you engage Tiempo to perform a DevOps project for and with you. Instead, you can confidently rely on people, processes, communications, project management, and infrastructures designed to yield outstanding results in the shortest possible time. That experience will also help you present a sound, well-substantiated business case for DevOps, along with the commitments and investments it requires, when it’s time to bring it into your company.

DevOps Consulting Services

Great DevOps engineers are hard to find, even harder to hire away from their current employment, and most likely compensated far beyond most budgets. So how does an organization enthusiastic to launch their DevOps initiative with complete and total buy-in at all levels avail themselves of the services of such a valuable resource?

Engage Them

Cloud computing has taught us that there isn’t very much that you can do yourself that you can’t have done by an external resource. DevOps is no exception. New DevOps consulting companies are emerging with astounding rapidity. So much so, in fact, that the challenge comes in selecting the right one rather than finding them.

DevOps Consulting Services From Tiempo

Tiempo offers a range of DevOps consultancy services and we can work with you to create a successful DevOps strategy.

Developing a DevOps Strategy

If you want to take agile development to the next level of value creation for the business, DevOps can be an effective strategy. Tiempo DevOps specialists help you design teams and roles, put the right processes and tools in place, and frame user stories such that DevOps can quickly turn them into excellent code.

In addition, we can also help you if you want to redirect your in-progress DevOps efforts to achieve better results, or if you wish to bring more accountability to DevOps teams by assessing current outcomes more accurately. If you set measurable, meaningful goals for DevOps and empower people with the right roles and team environment, it is not hard to achieve a solid ROI on DevOps — and continue adding to it every day.

Sound Foundation Ensures Progress

While DevOps usually involves certain technologies, such as process automation or continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), you can realize these in many ways. The practice can fluctuate tremendously from one company to the other. In some companies, DevOps suffers from too much emphasis on automation and development tools to the detriment of critical roles and teaming.

Tiempo’s expertise, which was gained in various engagements, can shorten your DevOps time-to-benefits and ensure the best outcomes. We collaborate with your key contributors to implement a sound foundation for DevOps and set the endeavor moving in the right direction.

Avoid Mistakes Made Elsewhere

Companies can make mistakes when they decide to adopt DevOps, a potentially transformative evolving discipline. Experienced Tiempo consultants and best practices can help you overcome organizational gravity and avoid missteps that could delay DevOps benefits.

For example, cybersecurity is top-of-mind for almost every development organization. DevOps practitioners are quickly closing the security gaps that can occur when you perform fast development and deployment of new code, but many testing tools have not been updated and extended to yield reliable results in cloud-centric, collaborative development environments that involve containers and microservices. But you can certainly ensure transparency and security by using the best of today’s practices and tools within a pervasive culture of accountability. This is one of many areas where Tiempo can ease your DevOps journey.

For further information about our DevOps services and solutions, contact us today.

Our Expertise

No matter whether you want to modernize a legacy software environment, build a new platform, or envision unheard-of capabilities that may rock an industry, you can rely on Tiempo to apply the right technologies to your business strategies.

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Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.

Sean Sullivan, CTO CBT Nuggets

Tiempo continues to get better with every challenge we present to them, and they excel when it comes to the mastery of agile methodology and Microsoft technology especially. I look forward to the results of our continuing collaboration.

Robert McEwin, Director of Engineering Tripwire

Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us.

Mike Fujikawa, IT Director ATA Retail Services

Tiempo completed the work within our short timeframe and delivered a powerful solution. This would have taken much longer to accomplish with other vendors.

Jim Richards, Chief Strategy Officer Annexus Group

Not having to wait 15 hours to talk on the phone or hold our projects for days to have an overseas firm fly to U.S. is a huge advantage.

Aaron Lerner, VP of Research and Development Tripwire

We Deliver Ultimate Outcomes

The companies that come to Tiempo for their development needs, come to us looking for a partner. The perfect company that can share their values, their goals, and can be there for every step of their journey. The relationships we build with our clients and the value we add make them better in the process. When outsourcing your software development, get more than just resources. Get Ultimate Outcomes.
Tripwire II Case Study

"Tiempo continues to get better with every challenge we present to them, and they excel when it comes to the mastery of agile methodology and Microsoft technology especially. I look forward to the results of our continuing collaboration."

- Robert McEwin, Director of Engineering, Tripwire
ATA Retail Services Case Study

"Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us."

- Mike Fujikawa, IT Director, ATA Retail Services
CBT Nuggets Case Study

“Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.”

Sean Sullivan, CTO, CBT Nuggets

Benefits of Nearshore

Tiempo is widely recognized as one of the leading software engineering companies in the US. Putting to work nearshore engineering resources and high-performance teams with a relentless focus on client outcomes, Tiempo designs, builds, and deploys software that delights clients.

Experts in Software, Culture and Leadership

Tiempo offers more than just resources to supplement your team. Our teams add value to every engagement by providing their vast expertise on a variety of topics including Agile, DevOps, Microservices, Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Outsourcing Strategy.
A Business Leaders Guide to DevOps

This guide developed by our DevOps experts is critical for any organization looking to perform a DevOps adoption.
DevOps White Paper

An expert perspective on how to make DevOps work in your organization.
High-Performing Teams + Nearshore Model = Ultimate Outcomes

In this white paper, we discuss how our high-performance team discipline enables exceptional outcomes for clients.

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