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Created in 1995, Java is one of the most popular and enduring programming languages used by today’s developers. Tiempo Development provides robust solutions with a high-level of performance based on Java tools including Jenkins and Apache Tomcat.

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Java’s Massive Market Share

Over 3 billion devices run the Java language, making it one of the most proliferate programming languages available. Java is also the prime programming language for applications running on Google’s Android OS, and is widely used for web-based applications with well-developed tools and frameworks.

Java was developed from the best features of previous programming languages like C, C++ and others. Through the use of Java Virtual Machines, the language has become platform independent. This allows Java programs to run on any major platform including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Solaris and Linux.

Efficient Development

As an open-sourced language, our Java developers have access to deep libraries that accelerate the time of development. This allows the development team to spend less time on redundant coding and more on building features.

At Tiempo Development, our development team is well equipped with framework tools, including Spring and Struts Frameworks. Using frameworks lets our developers implement software updates and improvements faster, bringing clients’ software to market faster.

Robust And Safe Programs

Our Java developers create programs that are robust with a high-level of performance. We use continuous integration tools, including Jenkins and Apache Tomcat, as well as best practices to test our software every step of the development process. This allows our developers to correct bugs and coding errors early in the process, saving money over time.

Programs built with Java drive more than $100 billion of business annually. This is largely accredited to Java being one the most secure programming languages with security configurations and extensions.

Highly Experienced Developers

Tiempo Development is proud to partner with companies from all industries to build them with the most reliable software. Below are some of the companies we’ve partnered with for Java-based development projects:

  • Our development team worked with a popular CRM company to expand features of their CRM application.
  • We’ve worked with a healthcare technology company to create a test harness for their automated applications. The test harness is used to process all existing REST services.
  • Our developers recently worked with an architecture company to provide secure SOAP web services for their banking web application.

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