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The LAMP Technology Stack is a complete open-source web development solution made of complementary components with a long history of reliability and security. The stack comes in a number of configurations, each leveraging a functional advantage for a specific purpose. The most trusted configuration is:

  • Linux (Operating System)
  • Apache (Web Server)
  • MySQL (Relational Database Management System)
  • PHP (Programming Language)

This configuration is regarded as the best in its class and has become the default setup for the majority of the world’s most trafficked websites and web applications.

Benefits Of The LAMP Technology Stack

The open-source nature of the stack has created components that have grown increasingly more powerful overtime. With Linux, Apache, and PHP having been widely-used for over two decades, the security features and robust architectures of each component have been continually refined to meet the challenges of the internet.

Developing a LAMP stack is also incredibly cost-effective in the total cost of ownership when compared to other commercial packages. The stack isn’t impeded by license restrictions or other complications that would prevent our developers from building a product that best fits software requirements.

Linux OS

Linux has long been the favorite operating system to use for modern system servers. Many of the world’s largest corporations rely on Linux’s stability and security within their web operations, including Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

When built well, servers running on Linux offer a reliability that is unrivaled by other server operating systems. Having consistent and optimal performance is critical in ecommerce and businesses that depend on solutions that won’t fail during spikes in usage. Once installed, our development team continually performs maintenance to compliment user growth.

Apache Web Server

Apache is a web server software that accepts user commands as a URL and returns a file. Apache was originally developed to be compatible with Linux operating systems and its variants, serving over 60% of all websites on the internet.

The software lives up to its name with an ever-increasing level of functionality. Apache supports many popular programming languages, such as PHP, Python, Perl, and Tcl. Apache was also designed to reduce latency and increase the amount of data transfer for faster, reliable and consistent processing.


MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to maintain and organize information within a server. MySQL’s persistent performance is scalable to even the most challenging workloads of enterprise-grade databases like YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Walmart, and BBC News.

The architecture of MySQL was designed to perform data retrievals quickly despite increasing workloads, making it perfect for dynamic websites. The open-source nature of MySQL also allows our developers to customize the configuration to accelerate queries further, bringing its capabilities to scale.


PHP is a robust, open-source object-oriented scripting and programming language used by most website developers to create database dynamic websites and database interfaces. Large organizations, such as Flickr, Yahoo!, and Wiki Modules use PHP for its efficient data processing abilities and extensive framework resources.

Along with PHP, we also utilize Perl and Python to create the responsive computer networking solutions they need to drive their business. Having expertise in these languages allows our developers to save the client’s time and money while maintaining a high level of usability and processing efficiency.

Full-Web Development Service

At Tiempo Development, our nearshore software developers are experts in the multi-variants and configurations of the LAMP Technology Stack. We offer clients complete service, web and software development and maintenance of their stack, including:

  • Complete Installation and Integration
  • Configuration
  • Automation
  • Policy Compliance
  • System Administration

We’ve worked with recent clients to create web applications that are fully compliant with strict medical policies to access patient information on their databases:

One of our recent healthcare clients needed help allowing healthcare professionals on their site send documents securely. We’ve created a safe interface that allows their users to access files while remaining HIPAA-compliant using Zend Server.

Recently, we helped create an online scheduling app for a client who wanted their customers to be able to book their own appointments. We used the Laravel PHP framework to build authentication features and que libraries.

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