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Mobile applications have become a must-have for modern industries. The amount of mobile devices available to consumers today continues to grow surpassing 2.4 billion units a year. The mobile application industry has become a multibillion-dollar industry with trends showing more tremendous growth over the next few years. Recent reports show the average American spends three hours a day on mobile devices, officially surpassing time spent watching television.

Although Android and iOS are independent operating systems with unique development requirements, both operating systems make a major portion of the tablet and mobile device market. Android has long held over-half of the market share for tablets and mobile devices with 52.14% of the market. iOS has held a consistent runner-up position with 40.82% of the market for tablets and mobile devices.


Android Development

Android is an open-source operating system that is compatible across major brands like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Android also has access to an unrivaled amount of APIs, allowing developers to take advantage of the unique features of their host devices and other services for optimal user experience.

Tiempo Development for Android

Tiempo Development is highly experienced in creating reliable applications in Java – the official programming language of Android – as well as C and C++ for Android NDKs, offering a full range of development solutions. Our developers also have access to a wide-array of coding tools to accelerate the development process like Jenkins, Tomcat, and Spring Frameworks, saving on time and costs.


iOS Development

Apple’s iOS is incredibly fast and secure, perfect for the most demanding mobile applications. Apple devices are also well-built and have exclusive use of iOS. This allows iOS applications to function perfectly with its host device, allowing developers to spend more time creating features instead of fixing compatibility issues.

Tiempo Development for iOS

At Tiempo Development, our developers are experts in native iOS languages – Objective C and Swift – as well as cloud-based architectures to support multiple platforms. Although Apple is restrictive with their APIs, our development team has access to powerful tools that allow us to build extended APIs for greater functionality.

Cross-Platform Services with Tiempo Development

Tiempo Development uses a variety of cross-platforming tools to develop applications and software that are comparable across all major operating systems with a single build. This saves our clients time and money while maintaining a high standard of application quality:

  • Xamarin

    – With Xamarin, our developers are able to code for all of the major mobile operating systems, including Apple, Android, and Windows Phone using C#. Tiempo Development is also a partner of Xamarin.
  • Apache Cordova/PhoneGap

    – Using Apache Cordova/PhoneGap, we can write code for mobile applications with extended access to native APIs, saving time on developing web extensions.
  • Titanium Appcelerator

    - Utilizing Titanium Appcelerator’s high level of APIs, our developers can quickly build device-specific features across all major operating systems.

At Tiempo Development, we utilize Agile methodologies to provide the highest quality applications to market in the quickest time. We encourage our clients to collaborate with our development team to build the application to their exact needs.

Our Expertise

Tiempo Development has worked with many clients to deliver the highest-quality application development. We’ve recently worked on a financial mobile application to enhance information safety when a user accesses our client’s financial accounts.

Our team monitors market trends for mobile devices and cloud servers to offer our clients the most up-to-date service recommendations. We are always excited for new device features and growth in UI capabilities of wearable technologies and the new generation of apps.

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