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Periodically Tiempo clients have requirements that are not best suited for the high-performing, on-going development teams that Tiempo has become known for. That’s why Tiempo recently introduced Tiempo Flex, a development option designed specifically to meet a company’s specialized, project-based needs.

For established clients, Tiempo Flex provides technology experts for fixed scope projects. Tiempo Flex is staffed with specialists that make up elite units focused on the most common project requirements encountered by mid-market and lower enterprise ISVs and software-enabled businesses. Having the ability to flex teams up or down based on project requirements, budgets and deadlines has proven to be a huge benefit for many Tiempo clients.

For new clients, it can be a pragmatic way to start a new business partnership with Tiempo. New clients can onboard with Tiempo Flex in one or more shorter project engagements to assess outcomes working with Tiempo. Then, many clients decide to deploy full on-going
teams to accelerate time to market on their major technology initiatives.

Some Tiempo Flex projects last as little as 90 days, others can continue for years. While Tiempo’s capability engine can staff most any software development project, Tiempo Flex has prebuilt project teams for the most common challenges we see in the market. The company operates specific Tiempo Flex practices in the following areas:

Enterprise Architecture and Integration

Microservices – Decomposing an application into different smaller services to improve modularity and make the application easier to understand, develop and test.

Enterprise App Integration/API – Ensures architectures can evolve so systems communicate, transact, and negotiate with each other. Includes MuleSoft practice.

Application Modernization – The conversion, rewriting or porting of legacy systems to current languages, software libraries, protocols, or hardware platforms.

Cloud Migration – The process of moving data, applications or other business elements from a local, on-premises data center to the cloud.


Test Automation – Ensures software meets clients’ goals for performance, stability, code quality, and usability.

CI/CD – Best-practice insight, tools, and infrastructures for DevOps are provided to deliver top-quality code faster.

Evaluation, Analysis and Roadmaps

MVP – New product development with enough features to satisfy early adopters, while providing a feedback loop for future feature development.

Technical – A criteria-based quantitative assessment of software in terms of its sustainability, maintainability and usability. To inform high-level decisions on specific areas for software improvement.

Other – Other types of assessments can include Agile, QA, Android, iOS, Security, Product Management, CI/CD, DevOps and Microservices.

Advanced Analytics

Augmented Analytics/Machine Learning/IoT – The discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data to improve decision making.

Data Science

We offers a variety of fixed-scope solutions that advance the strategies of Engineering and R&D Managers, CIOs and Security Officers, and Chief Marketing and Digital Officers. The solution is packaged around four baseline offers, that can be selected or right-sized based on a client’s data science maturity:

Data Science Intelligence – Sources, strategies, tools, and techniques to properly frame business decisions.

Data Science Check-Up – Algorithm validation, data feed usage, tool testing, compliance, and system health checks.

Data Science Dashboard – Data-to-decision pipeline, UI/UX, streamlining processes and training.

Data Science Audit – Decision support cadence, ROI assessment, compliance and alignment with business strategy.

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Burst Capacity

Staff Augmentation – Provide clients with extra capacity to increase velocity or address deadline pressures on project work.

Java and .NET Resources – Meets high demand for general purpose, common language programming and platforms that provide interoperability across common languages.

If you have project requirements that fit one of these categories or have other development initiatives with a finite scope with ramp up and ramp down characteristics, Tiempo Flex could be for you.

Tripwire II Case Study

"Tiempo continues to get better with every challenge we present to them, and they excel when it comes to the mastery of agile methodology and Microsoft technology especially. I look forward to the results of our continuing collaboration."

- Robert McEwin, Director of Engineering, Tripwire

ATA Retail Services Case Study

"Tiempo offers a highly experienced group of technologists with a wealth of diverse skills and insights. This increases the value of Tiempo for us."

- Mike Fujikawa, IT Director, ATA Retail Services

CBT Nuggets Case Study

“Clearly, Tiempo has a very mature practice of identifying the right resources to participate in high-performance teams and managing them to achieve the outcomes clients seek.”

Sean Sullivan, CTO ,CBT Nuggets

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